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Q-Line Metrology Solutions – Place & Play Solution for easy & precise positioning  


o    Ready to use within seconds

Ø  Connect power supply è Connect tablet or machine PC è Start Software QuickControl

o    Automation ready

Ø  Communication via QuickProcess, actuation by touch

Ø  Communication via QuickConnect, I/O cable connection

o    4th  axis for coordinate measuring systems, manufacturer independent

Ø  Variable horizontal or vertical positioning on the measuring system

o    Rotary axis for contour & roughness, manual or CNC-controlled

o    Rotary axis for any other positioning task in production or metrology laboratory

o    Work piece clamping as on machine tools, simply pL LEHMANN standard

Ø  Fully compatible – just like our rotary tables for the machine tool

CMM with QuickProcess                              

Equator with QuickConnect        


                          Manual rotary table with contour measuring system 

ROTOMATION transferBox – the easy automation


o    Indoor, directly on the measuring system or machine table

o    Easy Tablet-control, no integration needed on the measuring system

o    Alternative: Simple start-up using M-functions in the machine CNC


Hall 5 / Booth 5505  from 09~12th May2023
Stuttgart Germany    https://www.control-messe.de/en/


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